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Client expectation versus client budget


Client expectation versus client budget

Nobody wants to overpay for something, whatever it may be. Whether it’s a pint of lager, the weekly shopping or a car, everyone wants to get a deal on the price. That’s human nature.

It’s also the case with a website. You want to know you’re getting value for money, and not being ripped off by a web designer who promises the earth and doesn’t deliver, or doesn’t really know what they’re doing to start with.

Luckily, there are lots of options when choosing a web designer. If you’re a start up with no budget, you could choose a free website from someone like Wix. It won’t win you much in the way of business, and you’ll never dominate your competitors in the rankings, but it’s a website. It’s free.

If you have a little budget, you could have one made by a student, or a friend of a friend, who wants to build a website to get their career off the ground. They want to build their portfolio, so they’re perhaps willing to build websites for next to nothing, such as under £100. Again, you’re not going to win lots of business through it, but it’s a website – a cheap one.

For a little more budget, you could have something like our £99 per month website. That will get you a professional site that has everything you need to run your business. You do still need to market this website, however, if you want to win new customers. Luckily, we also offer SEO, meaning we can make your website a business-generating success.

Perhaps you have something specific in mind. Something really special? Perhaps something like a membership website, where new customers will find it in Google and they can register on the site, paying a renewable subscription fee and receiving regular content via a secure login. This is the sort of website that, once created and filled with content, essentially runs itself and generates revenue going forward without further input from you.

That sounds great. It also sounds like it would take a web designer, someone such as Engage Web, some time to develop. There’s a lot to a website such as this.

What if you wanted this, but for free? Effectively you’d be asking for a fully automated revenue generating website, but without paying a penny. Do you think that’s possible?

If it were, do you not think everyone would have had one already?

Hey, who wants a free website that will earn money for you? You don’t have to do anything, you just click a button and watch the money roll in!

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Yet that’s exactly the conversation I had last week in a web designer group on Facebook. I really should stay off those things – they’re full of people offering to do websites for free, for the experience, and full of people wanting websites for free. However, what do you suppose the real value of something that is completely free actually is?

Yes, you can get a website for free. If you expect your website to actually generate business, to actually earn you some money, it’s probably fair to assume you might need to invest in it first. If not, everyone would do it. If everyone did it, it wouldn’t work anyway as there’s only 10 spots on the front of Google (fewer for some searches) and you’d be competing with everyone else who had a website for free and expected to win business with it.

If you want a website that will generate business for you, speak with Engage Web. If you want a website for free, there’s plenty of places you can go to get one.

Darren Jamieson

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