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With Engage Web you can have a website designed, built and hosted for just £99+VAT per month. We’ll even provide the images, and write your text for you.

What’s more – we’ll update your website as many times as you want!

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Key Features Included with the Website

GDPR Compliant website:

Your new website will be fully GDPR-compliant, with cookie notices, privacy policy and compliant contact forms

Domain Name Included:

You will receive either a .co.uk or .com. You may use an existing domain you already own for no extra charge

SSL Certificate

This gives your website added security and the padlock icon in the browser. Google recommends this for websites and it is a ranking factor

Website Hosting:

Hosted on Engage Web’s managed server, you will receive 1GB bandwidth per month and 500MB web space. Our websites are backed up regularly and we can roll back a website to a previous version if required

Up to 2,000 words of text

We will write your website text for you if you wish. Our team of journalist trained editors will ensure your website text is engaging, well written and explains what you do. The 2,000 words can be in any combination of pages for your website

Stock Photography:

Engage Web will provide suitable images for your website from our extensive bank of licenced photographs. You won’t need to pay for expensive photographs. You can use your own photographs if you wish for no extra charge

Google Business Listing:

Engage Web will set up your Google Business Listing and link it to your website, optimising it for SEO (search engine optimisation)

Free Website Updates EVERY month:

If you would like to make changes to your website on a monthly basis, such as changing pages, adding new pages, changing phone numbers, we do that for you

Contact Form Tested:

Your contact form will be tested each month to ensure it is working and that you are receiving the enquiries

What will my website include?

Mobile Responsive:

Your website will be fully mobile responsive, working on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets as well

Social Media Accounts Linked:

Your website can be linked to your social media profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Blogging Platform Included:

Your website will feature a blogging platform so that you can add blogs whenever you wish

Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) included:

Engage Web will set up and verify your website with Google Console

Sitemap created and submitted to Google Console:

A dynamic sitemap will be created and submitted to Google Console. Any new pages added, including blogs, will automatically be added to the Sitemap and seen by Google

Google Analytics Installed and Tested:

Engage Web will set up and install Google Analytics so you can see the number of visitors to the site, and what pages they visit. You will be given full access to view the data

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards code added:

Engage Web will add the necessary Facebook and Twitter meta data to the website so that your website looks great when shared via social media, and it pulls through an image and description

URL Structures optimised for Google:

Your website will be optimised to have the best URL structures for Google

Full Access Provided for You:

You will have full access to your own website to update the pages yourself if you wish. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this, or you can let our team do this for you

Website Manual Provided:

As above, your website will come with a document featuring step-by-step instructions on updating your website pages

Email Forwarders Set Up:

Engage Web will create email forwarders for you, so you can display email addresses at your domain and have them sent directly to an email address of your choosing, such as a Hotmail or Gmail address

Google Map to Show Your Location:

Choose to add a Google Map to your website, showing where your premises are located

Website Parking Service:

If you decide, for any reason, you want to ‘shelve’ your website we will store it for you, and keep your domain name renewed, for just £99+VAT per year

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