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Bing versus Google – what is the future?

Bing versus Google – what is the future?

Ahead of its MozCon 2012, one SEOmoz blogger decided to look at ten points which have most affected the world of search engine optimisation in the past 12 months.

Many points were covered, including Pandas and Penguins, naturally. However, there was also an interesting mention regarding Bing’s move to attract the SEO lot.

It raised the question as to whether there was any chance that Bing will ever be loved by the public, and overtake Google.

The blog had responses to questions from key movers and shakers in the world of search and, though the collective answer was a resounding “no”, there were some interesting points raised.

Many of the contributors said Bing could certainly corner more of the social search market, with greater innovation being seen by it. Others said that mistakes made and the ongoing diversification by Google had led them, and could lead others, to switch to Bing.

Taking this further, others suggested that through losing its focus on search, Google would lose confidence from the public. Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz himself said:

“I’ve actually switched to make them [Bing] my default engine recently (after being so disappointed in Google’s abandonment of their own core values)…”

Many contributors also said that constantly digging in areas where Google failed could reap rewards. However, in the whole, Bing was unlikely to make much impression.

It was perhaps best summed up by Mike King, who said:

“People don’t “search the web for you”; they “Google you.””.

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