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Avoid lacklustre content the old-fashioned way

Avoid lacklustre content the old-fashioned way

At the start of a web project, it is easy to come up with ideas for content that will grab the reader’s interest. Looking back on this period, it can seem to an SEO copywriter that the brain held a magical store of concepts ready to turn into prose, which were all released without effort in those first few weeks or months. Later, when the initial flow has dwindled, rather drab content begins to emerge, and the writer, puzzled, wonders why.

The obvious place to lay the blame for lacklustre content is in a dearth of inspiration. Writers expect to feel inspired, and when this fails to occur, it is tempting to think the answer lies solely in finding the feeling again. This is only part of the solution, however, because the writer has probably forgotten something that came along with those first, satisfying pieces of writing.

What has been overlooked is that, in order to produce the winning content at the beginning of the project, the writer took a lot of time over their work. The excitement that accompanies novelty would have helped to offset all the hours spent thinking about the topics, and in retrospect it may not seem like this was actually work, so enjoyable will the process have been. Now, in order to keep up the standard of writing, it is necessary to keep putting that time in, filtering through ideas, evaluating, writing drafts and revising. Experienced UK copywriters will understand the necessary amount of work that goes into creating interesting content.

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