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How can you find freelance writers for a website news feed?

How can you find freelance writers for a website news feed?

Hosting a website news feed has a number of benefits, such as bringing better search engine visibility and a platform you can use to engage with customers, but maintaining it can be a real draw on the time of you and your employees. Even if you have staff with good writing skills, is it really the best use of their time?

Using freelance writers can enable you to regularly update your news feed without diverting your staff from their core duties, but how can you find them? There are a few options based on the degree of separation between employer and freelancer.

Firstly, there are a number of hook-up websites where businesses can find freelancers of various disciplines, including writers. These are often not screened, although previous employers may have reviewed them. You may build fruitful working relationships like this, but the intermediary often takes a cut of transactions without offering additional value beyond facilitating payments and resolving conflicts. A valued freelancer may also be drawn away by a more lucrative work offer.

Content agencies go a step further by recruiting and screening their own freelance writers. Customers can submit their content requirements, which are then fulfilled by suitably qualified writers. Often the work product will not be checked, but you usually have the option of refusing subpar work.

Finally, perhaps the easiest option is to outsource your content needs to a news writing service. Like with content agencies, a good company will have a large pool of pre-screened writers, but an editor will check content and correct any errors from writers. What’s more, you may be receiving content from the same writers, helping to maintain consistency. Even when the writers change, your case manager will be able to smooth the transition.

Consistency and quality is important to content marketing, so make sure you pick the right option for your business.

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