Local SEO increasingly important

Posted on January 23, 2013


A recent report in Australia has indicated that in the land down under, mobile devices will be used to access the internet more frequently than PCs and notebooks. The same looks likely to be the case in the UK and America too, as smartphones and tablets continue their palm-powered revolution.

The same Australian report also suggests that searches will become far more local, as mobile devices are used. Once again, much the same is true of the UK, as people look for services and products close to them, no matter where they are.

Mobile search spending

Companies are aware of this too, with a recent UK study showing that mobile advertising spend now accounts for over 7% of the digital total. No matter how much is spent on advertising though, it is essential that the search engine optimisation strategy is well looked after.

For local searches, this is perhaps of even greater importance too.

With generic, national and widespread online marketing, broad SEO content is perfectly acceptable. If only wanting to target customers in Cheshire or Liverpool, or perhaps to an even greater proximity than that, certain other elements will be needed.

Locally delivered success

An understanding of the local area will be needed, as will an understanding of local events. It will also be wise to know what is on topic and relevant in an area; and have the ability to take all these things into consideration when creating the content.

Get this right, and the potential for success is huge – users arriving at a site from a local search are three times more likely to convert.

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