What’s the backlash to Google Analytics 4 all about?

What’s the backlash to Google Analytics 4 all about?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has been the victim of an onslaught of rants on Twitter from the search marketing community in recent weeks – so, what’s the deal?

GA4 was released back in October last year, and it’s now the default analytics interface when you sign up to use Google Analytics. It can be used not just for websites, but for apps too, which made it a promising prospect for search marketers. However, many of those very people that should now be singing its praises are far from impressed.

While GA4 has received some praising comments over on Twitter, these are far and few between compared to the negative reactions from search marketers.

One of the most common complaints about GA4 is concerning it being difficult to use, with users complaining about their struggles to access important data:

Others have gone further still, complaining that it’s hard for even search engine optimisation (SEO) experts to use, let alone a small business owner, and that Google is shutting out these people:

Whether Google will address the issues outlined by Twitter users is unknown, but the good news is that if you’ve tried GA4 and just can’t get on with it, you are able to switch back to the older, easier-to-use Universal Analytics. If you don’t want to set up your website using GA4 at all, and your website is built using WordPress, our Tech Team has found a workaround – use the Site Kit by Google plugin, which creates the property for your website on Analytics for you.

The backlash to GA4 highlights the importance of having a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface – and this is especially the case for your website. Whether you need help navigating analytics and would like to place your SEO strategy in the expert hands of digital marketers, or you’re in need of a user-friendly site, we’d be happy to help here at Engage Web, so talk to us today.

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