Spelling of English novelist labelled ‘eccentric’

    Posted on July 27, 2011


    A Jane Austen manuscript has recently been sold at auction for £993,250, by Sotheby’s to an unknown institution. The rare manuscript is the last one to be held privately, and was never actually finished. The tale entitled The Watsons, tells the story of Emma Watson who is being raised by her prosperous aunt. It is believed that Austen stopped writing the book when her father passed away and never resumed work on the manuscript. Austen was at that time 29 years old.

    According to an academic from Oxford University, Jane Austen frequently made spelling and grammatical errors, which he labels as ‘eccentric’. The final manuscript to be auctioned is also thought to be littered with errors which are crossed out, scribbles and added words. Austen enjoyed a reputation as an excellent writer, with careful attention to detail which includes correct use of grammar and spelling. There has been a theory that the skillful work is actually due to an editor who corrected the work of Austen. Fans and admirers of the work of Jane Austen will no doubt still love her work, regardless of spelling errors and crossings out.

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