Most marketers not worried by Musk’s Twitter takeover

Most marketers not worried by Musk’s Twitter takeover

A poll carried out by Search Engine Land has found that over half of marketers are not concerned about multibillionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, with many expressing positive views about his proposed shake-up of the social media site.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk completed his purchase of Twitter last week for an amount reported to be in the region of $44bn (£35.3bn). So far, the South African-born magnate has shared several big ideas, including tackling spam bots, introducing long-form tweets, increasing “free speech” and even the arrival of Twitter’s ultimate holy grail – an ‘edit’ button.

Search Engine Land’s survey showed that 58.4% of respondents are unconcerned or even excited about the takeover and the opportunities it could open up for brands. Marketers among this group are encouraged by the greater emphasis on free speech and political neutrality, the potential of more genuine users to reach out to, and Musk’s general success as a businessman. Others suggested that they had experienced little joy with Twitter advertising, so any change would be welcome.

Of course, that still leaves a sizeable proportion of 41.6% who have reservations about the deal. The idea of “free speech” seems to have polarised the respondents, with those fearful of the agreement concerned that it could mean “anything goes”, thus making Twitter not a platform brands or creditable users might want to be associated with. A rise of misinformation could lead brands to struggle to make themselves heard and be taken seriously, while others point out that some bots can make marketing industry tools easier to manage.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter develops under Musk’s reign, but it remains an excellent platform for communication, engagement and sharing content. To learn more about content and social media and the benefits it can have in bringing in traffic and leads online, speak to Engage Web today.

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