Mailchimp releases new email templates

Mailchimp releases new email templates

Autoresponder Mailchimp has recently released 21 new templates for its users, with a further 29 in the works.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that businesses can use to communicate with their mailing lists. It can be linked up to a website, so that people can subscribe to a newsletter on a site and be automatically added to the business’ mailing list on Mailchimp. It’s a great email marketing tool that allows people to create and send newsletters, welcome sequences, sales emails and more, along with managing their mailing lists. Everything, from the writing to the sending or scheduling, can be done through the platform, and once an email’s been sent, you can see and analyse insights, such as open and click through rates.

New templates

When creating an email on Mailchimp, users have the option of creating their own template, choosing from a selection of free designs or paying for premium designs. If a user purchases a template elsewhere and wants to import it into Mailchimp, knowledge of coding is required, which requires specialist skills.

Now, however, Mailchimp has met one of the most highly requested demands of its customers and released 21 new email templates for its users. These will be paid templates, but they can be customised by users with no knowledge of coding necessary and, once purchased, they can be used straight away, saving people time.

Speaking to MarTech, Joni Deus, Mailchimp’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and App Marketplace, commented that:

“The marketing landscape for small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs has changed fast within the last year.”

This statement is especially true, and digital marketing has become more important than ever as people have stayed at home and online. Email marketing via platforms like Mailchimp provides an invaluable tool to convert leads into clients. If you’d like to have a chat about how using an autoresponder could benefit your business, or about our autoresponder set up and management services, contact us at Engage Web today.

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