How SEO is like Ikea

How SEO is like Ikea

Feel that pressure around you, kind of cardboardy and dark? That’s the feeling of the box that you’ve put your website into. If you want to grow, you’re going to need to break out of it.

Wait a second โ€“ you’re not in a box? Well, that’s your first mistake. Unless you’re operating a large business, you need to find your own particular little box on the net, your niche, and conquer it. After this happens, though, you need to be prepared to fight your way out of the box into other, better boxes. This all sounds a bit like being trapped in a branch of Ikea. For a small business on the net, it really is just like that.

1. Getting into the box โ€“ niche-filling

If getting into a niche means being boxed in, why do it? There are some very good reasons. Niches have made some sites hugely successful when it comes to their SEO strategy. Occupying a niche is a much-used SEO tactic, as niche keywords are easier to target. It is also much easier to build reputation within a niche.

2. Getting out of the box โ€“ niche intersections

Once you’ve grown a reputation in your niche, however, it’s time to move out a little, building up your strength in your field generally. Start investigating topics that are closely related to your area of specialisation. Retouching on some of your keyword research can help here, and talking to your search engine optimisation company can also be a good idea. Once you’ve settled on an intersecting niche, start working on content โ€“ content that will allow you to dominate that niche.

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