Facebook the movie?

Facebook the movie?

It seems that Hollywood will make a film about anything these days, and the meteoric rise of social networking website Facebook is too much of a juicy topic for them to let pass. The idea of a Facebook movie has even attracted one of the industry’s top directors too, David Fincher, who directed Fight Club, Se7evn and Alien 3.

Fincher is currently locked in talks with Colombia Pictures over the movie, which will reportedly be titled ‘The Social Network’.

Aaron Sorkin, scriptwriter for The West Wing, is penning the screenplay based on the forthcoming book by Ben Mezrich, called The Accidental Billionaires. Even though the film is at an early stage, nowhere near even pre-production, rumours of potential cast members have already started to circulate, with Transformers 2 actor Shia LaBeouf being tipped to play a young Zuckerberg.

Despite the obvious advertising that Facebook would receive from any potential film, the movie is said to show Zuckerberg in a bad light, and Facebook has ordered its employees to stay tight lipped and to avoid anyone related to the movie.

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