Discover your target audience – create your customer avatar

Discover your target audience – create your customer avatar

What constitutes great marketing? While producing a new, exciting creation can be brilliant, it’s the marketing behind the scenes that really sells the product and determines the success of your business.

In order to market your business effectively, you need to establish who you are promoting to. Your content can be high-quality, engaging and stimulating, but without a formation of your ideal customer, you lack a full understanding of your targeted audience.

Every business needs a customer avatar – if you’re attempting to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. Being focused and direct can develop loyal customers that support your business for a long-term period.

To keep it simple and logical, break down your customer persona into defined characteristic divisions. These can include:

• Description – outline a name, age and gender
• Demographics – such as location, job occupation and marital status
• Psychographics – these can include interests, preferences and lifestyle
• Challenges
• Goals and values
• Sources of information – such as social media, books, websites and articles

Starting with providing your avatar with a name, gender and age can help you to visualise your character as a real person – you can be as creative as you like! After establishing their basic description, you can start to add more specific attributes that will distinguish your customer from a broad market to a precise, targeted audience.

Defining the customer’s goals, values and challenges heightens your marketing approach to not only what the client may want, but to what they need. How can your business help them achieve their goals? Outline your services and offerings and relate them to the customer’s challenges and aspirations.

Taking the time to establish your target audience will enhance your business’ online marketing strategy and strengthen a connection with your customers. For more marketing tips and strategies, speak to Engage Web today.

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