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Yahoo people search will be better than Google, claims Yahoo

Yahoo people search will be better than Google, claims Yahoo

There’s a reason more people use Google than Yahoo and Bing put together, then doubled a few times, and that’s because it works. Google gives you the results you want for a search without filling its SERPs with spam, junk, paid listings are irrelevant results.

However, Yahoo (fresh from selling their soul to Satan) claim that their new search product (which hasn’t launched yet, so we can’t test its level of failure) will result in better searches for people than those found in Google.

Yahoo claims that when you’re looking for someone of note, presumably Katie Price or Britney Spears, you’ll be presented with such gems as their social networking pages on Twitter and Facebook, official sites, YouTube videos and other sites that Yahoo deems to be more important than Google’s algorithm.

Larry Cornett, the VP of search at Yahoo, claims:

This design is going to transform the way you use the Web.

Erm… unlikely, but let’s see how he backs this up:

It will make it easier and faster for you to find the things that matter most to you.

Searching for people has been Google’s domain; we are going to take that away from them. When we launch this, you are going to come to Yahoo! to search for people.

To be honest I, like most other people, won’t go to Yahoo to search for people. I’ll be using Google because it’ll offer up websites that are relevant to the search, rather than Frankenstein’s monster that is ‘Yahooing Live’, which offers what it’s been pre-programmed to offer because it can’t run a decent algorithm.

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