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Why don’t other SEO companies offer content?

Why don’t other SEO companies offer content?

One question you might be asking is why don’t other SEO companies offer content? If content is so important for your website’s rankings within Google, and so important for your website to become an authority, then surely other top SEO companies in the UK would be offering it as a service?

To be honest, you’d think they would. However you could go to a hundred different SEO professionals and ask them what they think is the most important thing in SEO and you could easily get over a hundred different answers. SEO is about opinion, much of it is down to the individual’s knowledge, experience and willingness to learn and embrace new ideas.

Some SEO companies still believe that by adding Meta Keywords and Descriptions to your website they’ll get rankings. They won’t. You could do a search on the effectiveness of the Meta Keywords and Description tags within Google and find completely contrasting opinions from so called SEO experts, because everyone has their own idea.

Stuck On have SEO experts with over 8 years of experience within the industry. Unlike many SEO companies we’re not made up of graduates who are learning SEO from the Internet or from one person’s understanding of how SEO works. We are the experts.

While 8 years may not seem like a lot to declare a great knowledge of an industry, when you consider that Google itself was only founded in 1998, so is just 10 years old, the experts at Stuck On have been operating within the field of SEO and Internet marketing since the beginning.

You could research SEO on the Internet and learn it for yourself. Everything you would need to SEO your own site exists on the Internet. It’s all out there. The trouble is for every SEO fact that exists online, there are hundreds of SEO myths, half truths and lies. How do you tell what works and what doesn’t? How do you know what is fact and what isn’t?

That’s why you employ an expert.

By the same token of researching SEO for yourself, you could search the Internet for advice on brain surgery. The Internet contains all of the information you would need to operate on someone’s brain, it’s the largest repository of information in existence. I wouldn’t recommend you do that though. Much the same as you shouldn’t SEO your own website based on what you have read online.

The information is there for you to do it; but you won’t know what is fact and what is fiction.

This is why other SEO companies aren’t offering what Stuck On offer. They don’t understand the importance of content, how it works, what it does and the effect it will have on your rankings.

Darren Jamieson

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