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Two thirds of B2B businesses to invest in content marketing

Two thirds of B2B businesses to invest in content marketing

A recent study has shown that most B2B businesses are set to increase their spend on content marketing throughout 2012.

The study, conducted by the US-based Content Marketing Institute, found that 60% of B2B companies expect to spend more on their content marketing in 2012 than in the previous year, with up to 26% of the total marketing budgets being directed this way.

The research found that the majority of content marketing is currently done by way of articles, taking up 79% of the total of tactics employed. The other heavy tactics used were social media (74%) and blogging (65%), showing the importance that SEO now plays in the workplace.

The biggest area of growth was in blogs, which saw a 27% increase through the year. Other channels are increasing too, such as videos.

Another significant increase was reported in the way companies are creating their work. Last year saw another rise in outsourcing, with 62% of marketers now going to third party specialists to create and manage their campaigns.

It also showed that the majority of B2B companies are employing content marketing, with just 10% saying they do not.

In truth this figure is probably considerably smaller, with many of those suggesting they do not employ such tactics likely to use it without actually recognising they are doing so. The very epitome of natural search in effect.

Whilst the study focused on US business, the figures are likely to be very similar to the situation here in the UK. From Liverpool to London, companies are only too aware of the role new forms of advertising and promotion play.

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