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Studies reveal that companies invest more on internet marketing

Studies reveal that companies invest more on internet marketing

A report produced by Econsultancy and SoDA revealed that 39 per cent of companies which were surveyed will spend more on digital methods of internet marketing in 2013 than on traditional marketing methods. Strategies will make increasing use of social media, viral video marketing and content production. Another report, produced by Gartner, indicates that businesses have saved money by implementing digital marketing practices, which allows more online investment.

Traditional marketing methods have been scaled back by 28 per cent of the companies surveyed, to make room for digital campaigns. Companies surveyed by Gartner indicated that 10.4 per cent of revenue was invested in marketing activities in 2012, with 2.5 per cent being invested in digital media strategies. The research discovered that the average amount to be invested this year in online marketing will increase to six per cent, although some companies are prepared to invest more. For instance, up to 10 per cent will be invested by media companies towards digital marketing initiatives. Other sectors will invest slightly less in digital practices, with retail spending seven per cent, financial services spending six per cent and manufacturing four per cent.

The statistics reveal that content marketing is being incorporated into online strategies increasingly around the world. According to Gartner, digital ads received the highest investment of a marketing budget with 12.5 per cent, while content marketing followed closely with 11.6 per cent of the marketing budget. Other aspects which are included in internet marketing strategies include email, video, blogs and social media.

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