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Stirring up emotions with article writing

Stirring up emotions with article writing

Web content is supposed to be business-like, one might think. Surely, every word on a website should evoke professionalism to reflect a company’s competence? Although true to some extent, there is something just as important brewing beneath the surface of the best web content. This something can make all the difference between a customer glancing at a site and leaving, or lingering and entering into a transaction.

Emotion is the critical factor. On entering a site, between the titles and the images that grab the eye, there needs to be some content that speaks to the reader at a deeper level. Visitors do not tend to spend time critically evaluating a page; instead, they rely on gut feelings, and can leave in less than a second.

Cold, formal language that suggests the content was written by a team of robots will not engage readers. Neither will technical, business copy that excludes visitors with impenetrable jargon. People are more likely to feel a site has something to offer them if it conveys a feeling of warmth, and a sense of understanding what they want. Knowing one’s target audience is crucial in creating the content to which they will respond.

Decisions about one’s needs are only partly dependent upon rational thought. Below that, powerful emotions are stirring which lead to the ultimate answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Finding the words to sway those feelings in the right direction is no easy task, and one might consider using UK copywriting and article writing services to ensure success.

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