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Start selling from the SERPs

Start selling from the SERPs

The business end of a city can be elegant, peaceful and even beautiful in areas but you know what? It’s also quiet. Very, very quiet. When you compare the shopping areas to the areas where professional service providers hang out their shingles, you couldn’t be blamed for wondering how professionals get any business at all.

Of course, businesses in the real world have a number of ways of gaining clients. When you’re in business online, however, the SERPs represent your industry’s main street, and you can’t afford to be quiet.

A lot of businesses think of the search engine results pages as a kind of directory, a place where internet users can retrieve basic contact information. This isn’t the case. The information displayed in the SERPs has always functioned as a kind of advertising space, hence why search engine optimisation is considered a branch of internet marketing. As reliance on the internet increases, this marketing channel is becoming even more important. Just as goods need to be displayed to their best advantage on a Liverpool shopping strip, your page listings need to start selling right from the offset.

When developing your title and description tags as part of your SEO, remember:

*Direct information. You don’t have much room, so don’t waste it with a full-on marketing pitch. Convey the essentials to convince your target market to click.

*Keywords. They aren’t just for search engine spiders.

*Equal, then excel competitors. Study the style of listings for your main keywords, then try to stand out in a good way.

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