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More time spent browsing social media sites

More time spent browsing social media sites

According to research conducted by Experian Marketing Services, more people spend time on social media sites than any other activity when browsing. Users of a desktop PC or laptop are more likely to be visiting social networking sites, although users of mobile devices spend more time emailing. The study was based on the browsing habits of users in the UK, United States and Australia.

People from the United States spend around 16 minutes of each hour browsing social media sites, which is actually less than 2011 when it was 18 minutes. In the UK, people average around 13 minutes in each hour while Australians spend 14 minutes during the same time period on social networking sites. The time spent on networking sites in 2012 by users in the UK and Australia has also decreased. Of course, US users also spent time on other areas of the internet, with nine minutes spent on entertainment and three minutes on email. The use of mobile devices is vastly different to that of desktop PCs or laptops, with email taking up 23 per cent of every hour in the US, while social media sites being the second most popular activity.

The research indicates the vast difference in mobile and desktop use, which will affect the search engine optimisation of a company’s website. Marketers can use this information along with knowledge of the local area to create an effective promotional campaign. As use of mobile devices becomes increasingly popular, especially for emails, the methods of marketing used will vary considerably.

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