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Mobile app developers face stricter guidelines from Google

Mobile app developers face stricter guidelines from Google

New guidelines have been issued for mobile app developers which hopes to crack down on apps that are malicious or counterfeit games. Included in the new rules is a ban on icons which have a similarity to other products. Advertising will also be affected by the new guidelines, as Google attempts to regulate how ads appear in mobile apps.

The Google Play store has had problems with apps which are ‘cloned’ versions of popular games, malicious apps and problems with ads. An email was issued to developers with details of the new regulations. If developers aren’t compliant after 30 days, their products will be removed by Google. The email was published in the Android Central blog and said:

“This requires us to update our policies when we launch new features, like subscription billing, and also when we see unhealthy behaviour, like deceptive app names and spammy notifications.”

Google has always had a strict policy on the use of spam or copied content, which can have an effect on the search engine optimisation campaign of a business. Changes to Google guidelines can make some SEO jobs much more complex during attempts to remain compliant at all times.

Google will further reduce confusion by banning the use of icons or names which are similar to existing products. Advertising on mobile apps will also be addressed, with stricter guidelines being issued. A large number of Android developers have welcomed the new guidelines as it shows that Google takes a serious view of these problems and will remove products which aren’t in compliance with regulations.

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