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How to share posts from your company page to your personal LinkedIn profile


How to share posts from your company page to your personal LinkedIn profile

If you have both a personal profile and a company page on LinkedIn, you may wish to share a post from your company page to your personal profile. This could be to increase engagement and have your post seen by people who don’t follow your company page, or because you want to simply share the same content, but don’t want to duplicate the post.

Back in 2021, I wrote a separate article detailing how to undertake this task on LinkedIn, which is fairly straightforward once you know how. However, as is the way with social media today, platforms are constantly evolving, and those steps are now outdated. The good news is LinkedIn has made this process easier. So, if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to post company posts onto your personal profile in 2023, you’re in the right place! Read on to find out how.

1. First thing’s first, you need to be logged into LinkedIn (of course), be on your company page, and have a post you want to share to your personal one.
2. Once you’ve located the post, you’ll see in the bottom left-hand corner a profile image, which should be your company logo or whatever profile picture you’ve set for your company page. There should be a downwards-facing arrow to the right of this. Click on the logo/arrow section.

LinkedIn Sharing 1

3. This should open up a pop-box like the below, which will show all the company pages you’re an admin of, along with your profile at the top. Click on the circle to the right of your profile, and then click ‘Save’.

LinkedIn Sharing 2

4. You’ll now see the picture in the bottom left-hand corner of the post has changed to your personal profile image. All you need to do now is click ‘Repost’, and you can then share the post (with a comment of your own, if you like), to your personal page. You can also use these steps if you simply want to react to or comment on a post made by your company page.

Getting engagement is a task that can be quite difficult in today’s social media landscape, where companies want you to pay to boost your engagement, so steps like sharing a post to increase its reach can really help. If you’d like more assistance with growing your presence on social media, why not sign up for our next Social Media & Content Masterclass?

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