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Four common mistakes made on business websites

Four common mistakes made on business websites

Misused words and spelling errors on a website can send out the wrong message to readers, especially if the website is meant to be supporting the professional image of a business. More and more businesses are using article writing services to ensure that their content is written accurately. Here are some of the most common pitfalls in business writing.

1. ‘Less’ and ‘fewer’ – Many commercial businesses seem to have a problem with these two words, with some supermarkets being pulled up for this mistake. ‘Less’ should be used to refer to nouns that can’t be counted, such as rice, water and time.  ‘Fewer’ should be used when referring to nouns that can be counted – such as apples, people and pens

2. ‘Complementary’ and ‘complimentary’ – If you’re giving customers a gift with a purchase, the gift is complimentary, or free. Complementary refers to things that suit each other, so two items from the same range could be complementary. These two words often cause confusion in commercial businesses

3. ‘Unique’ – The word ‘unique’ refers to something that has no equal. This word is often used lazily in business, with ‘unique offers’ that are, in fact, not unique at all. ‘Most unique’ should never be used – an item is either unique or it is not

4. ‘Ultimate’ – Many companies use the word ‘ultimate’ to indicate their belief that a product is the best available – for example, ‘the ultimate gift’. However, ultimate actually means ‘final’

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