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Domino’s Pizza uses YouTube advertising

Domino’s Pizza uses YouTube advertising

If you’re one of those people who thought YouTube was a website full of pointless videos of babies laughing, dogs knocking over their owners and people falling off things then, well, you’re right. It does have an awful lot of that. However, it also has a lot of videos used for business purposes.

For example, all of the major film studios have their own YouTube channels and they use them to distribute trailers for their latest films. Many of the big news networks, such as ITN here in the UK, also use YouTube to distribute their bulletins and features. Plus, many businesses use YouTube for advertising as, after all, the Internet has now surpassed television in the UK in terms of advertising spend.

The latest company to turn to Google’s video sharing website to promote its wares is pizza parlour Domino’s. Domino’s Pizza recently launched a new lunchtime menu (I received one through the post) but as well using the conventional channels such as TV, mail drops and newspapers to spread the word about their new menu, the company also used the Internet and YouTube.

Domino’s was aiming at the 18-34 age group (of which I’m still a card carrying member, for another 11 months at least) and it used YouTube to show its advert on YouTube’s ‘Quick Launch’ advertising system across an entire weekend. The system lets businesses, such as Domino’s, utilise existing videos on the website to help promote their own products and services.

Next time you have something to promote, maybe you could think about YouTube as a cost effective medium?

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