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A handbag!? Yes, it seems the UK loves ’em

A handbag!? Yes, it seems the UK loves ’em

A new study has revealed that Britons are the world’s most eager fans of handbags, with nearly half of all searches for handbags on a global scale originating here.

The research, which has been completed by global ranking and analysis firm, World Luxury Index, also showed that the most searched for brand in the UK is Mulberry.

The news will not surprise everyone no doubt. Be it the payer of the credit card bills, the much harangued parents or beaten, bored and beleaguered work colleagues, it is clear to many that some people love handbags.

From Cheshire to Chelsea, Merseyside to Mayfair and at every point in between, though, they are being searched online at an incredible rate.

The research showed that us Brits were responsible for 422 searches per 1,000 internet users of the most searched-for brands of handbag.

Whilst the most searched for brand in the UK is British label Mulberry, on a global scale, it only ranked at number eight.

The top three global brands, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are all very popular here too. The single most searched-for was the Hermes Birkin, which retails for somewhere in the region of £10,000 to £15,000.

Window shopping likely takes up a fair portion of these searches.

However, the crux of the research shows the importance of good SEO for retailers selling handbags, or indeed selling anything that is popularly searched for. From keeping up to date with new techniques, to maximising use of proven ones, a search engine optimisation strategy needs to be strong.

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