Twitter profiles to receive ‘subscribe’ button for newsletters

Twitter profiles to receive ‘subscribe’ button for newsletters

Back in February, I wrote about how Twitter had acquired Revue, a newsletter tool, at the beginning of the year. This tool has been available for users for some time now, but the social network is set to make it easier for its users to gain newsletter subscribers by adding a ‘subscribe’ button to their Twitter profiles.

The plans for this were announced via the Revue Twitter account, which tweeted:

As per the preview Revue tweeted, this new button will appear at the bottom of a user’s profile information, underneath the section detailing mutual followers. As well as the button itself, the newsletter name, a brief summary of what it’s about and its number of subscribers will all be detailed, along with an icon.

When a user subscribes, a pop-up box will appear informing them that the email associated with their Twitter account will be sent across to the newsletter’s creator. They will also have the option of reading a sample newsletter before committing to a newsletter subscription. To complete the process, they’ll then need to click on a link sent to their email – while this does ensure all signups are serious, with no room for accidental subscriptions, the time-consuming nature of the process and the fact that users will have to leave the Twitter app or browser tab to subscribe may result in some people not completing their sign-ups.

The subscribe button is set to be rolled out in the coming weeks for anyone who holds an account with Revue. It will first be released on desktop and Android, before then being launched on iOS devices.

With Revue, there are two options for newsletter creators. They can create and distribute them for free, meaning the new button would provide a great way to build up a mailing list, or they can offer paid newsletters, wherein subscribers have to pay a subscription fee (of which Twitter takes a 5% cut). With this new subscribe button and the option to earn money from newsletters, this is, effectively, the first way Twitter users can earn money off of their profiles.

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