TikTok releases plugin for WooCommerce integration

TikTok releases plugin for WooCommerce integration

Short-form video platform sensation TikTok has announced a new feature that will allow ecommerce businesses using WooCommerce to integrate their product catalogues within their profiles on the app.

WooCommerce, an ecommerce platform available on WordPress, is used by almost a third of all ecommerce sites on the web, so it’s no surprise that TikTok has set its sights on creating an integration for it.

Called “TikTok for WooCommerce”, the integration is now live. It can be set up in four fairly straightforward steps, which are extremely similar to setting up the WooCommerce integration with Facebook and have been detailed in this video.

Direct from WooCommerce’s dashboard, ecommerce businesses can activate their TikTok Pixel so they can track customers and their actions, connect their catalogue of products with the social media app, and create and set live ads. This new addition is the latest feature to be added to TikTok’s rising ecommerce offerings to its users, with the app having released a Shopify integration back in 2020. The new TikTok for WooCommerce plugin can be downloaded here.

This new plugin will be invaluable to ecommerce businesses who use WooCommerce and want to reach target audiences in the Gen Z and Millennial demographics in particular, which notoriously dominate the app. However, as with all platforms, just because a certain demographic dominates it doesn’t mean that older audiences aren’t also present, so it’s well worth checking out by any ecommerce business.

Over the past couple of years, social media platforms have all worked in a frenzy to expand their offerings to businesses through paid ads and monetisation features, highlighting the important role that social media and digital marketing can play for businesses in this day and age. If you need help setting up your business online or through paid ads, speak to our team at Engage Web – we’d be happy to assist you.

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