Some basic SEO mistakes

Some basic SEO mistakes

When performing SEO on your website there are a few pitfalls that you should look out for, and some obvious mistakes that many people (including some supposed SEO professionals) still make, despite the wealth of SEO information available online.

Often these mistakes are made in an attempt to further enhance your website’s rankings, and sometimes the mistakes are made due to a lack of any attempt to SEO the website.

Here are a couple of SEO mistakes, we’ll point out some more in future articles.

SEO Mistake #1
Using multiple H1 tags on your page

H1 tags are important for SEO, they set the heading of your page out so that Google knows what it’s about. Because of this, some people put several SEO tags on a page trying to rank for more phrases. This is a mistake! Doing so will dilute any effect the H1 tags on your page and severely limit your efforts.

SEO Mistake #2
Listing numerous keywords at the foot of the page

Keywords are important for SEO. What you write on your page will influence what your website ranks for, it’s common sense. However, listing numerous keywords without any grammatical structure will not help your ranking, it will mark your website out as spam. By doing so you’re risking your site being penalised.

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