Is Facebook planning to start selling concert tickets?

    Posted on September 28, 2015


    At the present time, people use specific websites such as Ticketmaster to purchase their passes to concerts and other events, but social networking phenomenon Facebook has suggested that it is considering using its own site as a hub for users to purchase tickets.

    This is the latest announcement in a string of statements from the social media firm, who has presented the public with many different ideas that the company is considering. These include a 360-degree video feature, office-based services and even talk of a ‘dislike’ button.

    The Product Manager at the California-based enterprise, Aditya Koolwal has spoken openly to a number of news suppliers about the possibility of the network selling tickets to its users in the future, and that the company is waiting for the “right time” to implement this service.

    The company has been linked with a number of different industries, and the idea of integrating them to the social platform to make life more convenient for the 1.49 billion users of the network. Some retailers already have a “shop” section on their company pages that redirects to their own website from Facebook with the touch of a button.

    This move shows that the enterprise has some ambitious goals and targets, and wishes to strengthen its position as a power player as the world of digital becomes more mobile, with smartphones and tablets being all the rage. Some statistics suggest that up to 85% of time spent on smartphones and other mobile devices is spent on an app such as Facebook and other social platforms.

    Facebook already has thousands of pages dedicated to bands and other musical acts, and there is speculation that these pages could be the host of ticket information in the future.

    Alan Littler

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