How can the new Google My Business attributes help me?

    Posted on May 29, 2020


    Search giant Google is in the process of adding new ways for businesses to highlight what their service offerings are on their Google My Business listing.

    Attributes listed on a company’s Google My Business profile allow them to let their customers know what they have on offer, allowing them to make more informed decisions on whether or not to use that company, and learn how they can interact with it.

    These attributes are visible to customers looking up a business through both a Google Search and through Maps. Common attributes customers regularly look out for include whether a business offers Wi-Fi or outdoor seating.

    With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world and changing how businesses operate, and how customers interact with them, it is currently more useful to know whether a company does pickup and delivery services instead of whether it can offer outdoor seating. With businesses slowly reopening with new and different normals that adhere to the current government guidelines, it is important for a business to reflect these changes within its My Business listing. In order to help them with this, Google has now launched a number of different, useful attributes for them to add.

    The three new attributes being added to profiles are ‘curbside delivery’, ‘no contact delivery’ and ‘dine-in’. In creating these attributes, Google has noted that millions of restaurants around the world have made significant changes to their offerings over the past few months. Google highlighted that over three million have made changes to the attributes on their business listings to reflect the nature of the global situation.

    Google has already allowed businesses using its Shopping tool to indicate curbside delivery, so it makes sense for the company to introduce it to other services, such as My Business listings.

    For people in many countries, including here in the UK, dine-in options may seem a long way away for now, but as countries begin to control the virus, this option may soon become available again, even if it is socially distanced and largely outdoors.

    While these attributes may only appear to be useful to those in the restaurant industry at first glance, a number of businesses and industries can make use of the ‘curbside delivery’ and ‘no contact delivery’ attributes, as they can apply to any business that provides a customer with a product.

    Tools such as Google My Business can be resourceful to companies looking to survive and thrive in the current climate as they adjust to government guidelines and a new way of interacting with customers. This makes having a profile and an online presence vital. For help with creating a website or My Business listing, or to boost traffic and enquiries through these channels, get in touch with Engage Web.

    Alan Littler

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