Google flags up redirect errors while indexing websites

Google flags up redirect errors while indexing websites

Recently, many websites were flagging up redirect errors in the Google Search Console platform, and Google has now released a notice explaining the reason for these errors.

The search community received emails from Google Search Console to say that there were redirect errors on their websites, with one Twitter user saying:

What is a redirect error?

A redirect error is a technical issue that is related to redirects you may have on your site. Redirects allow you to redirect visitors from one page to the next – for example, you may use a redirect if the page has been removed and you want to redirect the URL to another live page with similar or related content.

There are two main redirect errors that can occur that can flag up on Google Search Console. These are:

1. Redirect chains – which is when a URL is redirected to another URL, and that URL redirects to another page. If this happens, it results in a bad user experience and can also affect the SEO (search engine optimisation) on your website, as it makes it harder for search engines like Google to crawl your website.

2. Redirect loop – this is when a URL redirects to another URL, which then redirects to the previous URL, this results in search engines not being able to see any content.

Google has now released a statement through its Google Search Central Twitter account:

To conclude, if you have recently seen this error in Google Search Console, there’s nothing to worry about, as this was an issue with Google’s crawlers, and not your own site.

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