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Engage Web has been involved with BNI since 2012 and, in that time, we’ve helped a number of BNI members grow their online presence and secure more enquiries, sales, customers and clients.

Additionally, with BNI’s core philosophy of “Giver’s Gain” in mind, Engage Web has helped BNI members with the referrals and introductions they need to grow their business through BNI. Engage Web’s co-founder, Darren Jamieson, is a 100-point BNI member, having achieved maximum points on BNI’s ‘traffic light’ system, and has achieved a UK ranking within BNI as high as 14, out of more than 13,000 members. Darren has brought more than 100 visitors to BNI, and has been thanked for more than £250,000 in passed business.

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Testimonials from BNI members

Some of the feedback we have received from BNI members, past and present, includes:

Engage Web on The Official BNI Podcast

Engage Web’s Darren Jamieson has appeared as a guest on BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner’s podcast: The Official BNI Podcast. In the interview, “Episode 830: Inviting Visitors Through Social Media”, Darren and Dr. Misner discuss some techniques BNI members can use to increase the visitor numbers within their chapter, without speaking to people face-to-face, or phoning them. Darren lays out a couple of techniques that have proved successful in inviting visitors purely using social media.

Dr. Misner was initially sceptical on the use of social media for inviting visitors, believing it to be quite passive. After the discussion, he comes around fully to the power of social media when used correctly.

BNI Education Slots

As a BNI member, you may be interested in following our YouTube channel for BNI Education Slots (or BNI Education Moments as they’re called in the USA). The channel is regularly updated, and features recordings of education slots conducted at BNI meetings by different members – including Engage Web’s Darren Jamieson.

Whether you’re looking for tips on inviting visitors, finding referrals for your fellow members, conducting better 121 meetings or just improving your BNI experience – you’ll find something useful on the channel.

Plus – if you have to deliver a BNI Education slot yourself at your own BNI meeting, you are more than welcome to use any of the ideas from this channel and deliver them yourself.

Darren Jamieson podcast

BNI Interviews on The Engaging Marketeer Podcast

Have you listened to our podcast, The Engaging Marketeer? We’ve conducted a number of interviews on our number-one ranking podcast with BNI members, director consultants, national directors and even BNI-founder Dr. Ivan Misner himself.

Some notable interviews you may find interesting are:

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600% Increase In Website Visitors

25% Increase In Turnover

SEO Results for BNI

Screenshot 2022 02 23 at 11 34 03 Home Selection Carpets Flooring in Chester Wrexham North Wales

Working with BNI member Dan Evans, owner of Home Style Carpets, Engage Web helped to increase the website’s traffic by more than 600% through SEO and content. This traffic increase also helped the company to an increase in turnover by 25%. Read the full case study here: https://www.engageweb.co.uk/case-studies/home-style-carpets

Some websites we have designed for BNI members


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