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Three helpful tips for writing an effective ‘About Us’ page

Three helpful tips for writing an effective ‘About Us’ page

An ‘About Us’ page is an important page to have on your website, as it provides helpful information about your business to the visitor. In this article, we’re providing some useful tips for getting the most from your About Us page.

Whether you’re wanting to share more about your business, it’s history, your mission statement, achievements or values, the About Us page is the perfect place. This page is the first place that people will look to find out more about who you are and what you offer.

According to a study by Komarketing, 52% of website visitors prefer to see an About Us page on a company’s website.

So, what should you include on your company’s About Us page?

What goods or services do you provide? Who is your target audience? What is the tone of voice of your business? Treating your About Us page like a virtual business card is an excellent way of looking at it, except you have even more space to add as much information as possible.

Everyone loves a story, and what better place to tell the tale of how or why your business got started than your About Us page? You could also paint the picture of what you’d like your business to achieve in the future.

This is a fantastic way to build brand identity and awareness with your audience. A visitor who feels better accustomed with a business is much more likely to make a purchase or take the next steps to request more information.

Introduce your team and let your customers put a face to the name. Sharing the names, faces and roles of your team members on your company’s About Us page is a great way to build trust and relatability with your audience.

The most important feature of an About Us page is to include a call to action. This should encourage the user to take the next step, such as browsing available products, submitting a contact form or making a phone call.

Linking internally to another page using a call to action not only aids navigation, but it encourages users to remain on the site and progress further into the sales funnel.

Need help crafting the perfect About Us page for your business? Speak to the expert team at Engage Web to find out more.

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