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Quantity of content versus quality for SEO?

Quantity of content versus quality for SEO?

Content can be measured in two different ways: quality and quantity. It is common knowledge in SEO copywriting circles that the content of a website has to be updated, which requires a reasonable quantity of words to be added regularly. These will naturally accumulate over time and form a large archive of text, with many interlinked pages containing numerous keywords available for indexing by search engines. This can only be a positive thing in terms of being found in searches and ranked in search listings. Then there is the other side of quantity – the amount of readable content on a site. When there is a lot to read this can help to establish the website as an authority on a chosen topic.

The quality aspect of content is a little less straightforward while being slightly more important in terms of SEO. Only quality content created by skilled article writers will attract the most valuable visitors, the ones who will return and who will create links to the site because they appreciate what it contains. Quality content may be quite individual, providing something unique within the ever more repetitive Web. It can also be useful, offering information that people can return to time after time, with the browser bookmark becoming the virtual equivalent of a well-worn book jacket as a reader repeatedly reaches for their favourite piece of content.

Content needs to have both quality and quantity if a site is to succeed, but the balance should probably always be slightly more in favour of quality.

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