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Has your business been muted on Twitter?

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Has your business been muted on Twitter?

As more and more businesses focus on creating an online presence in order to appeal to a wider target audience, it seems that social networking site Twitter is one of the most popular and important tools for businesses to achieve this goal.

The microblogging site is regarded as the most important form of social media to businesses, as it allows them to interact easily with other businesses, customers and other stakeholders. To further ease a business’ transcendence into the digital world, the site offers many features and tools that are useful to a business.

Increasing awareness through follows

For a business to increase its online presence, it must first gain a number of followers, so that anything that is tweeted actually appears on someone else’s timeline. Without this, there is simply no point in tweeting.

There are a number of ways in which a company can accrue a follower base. One of which is by following everyone who takes an interest in your industry, your competitors and anything mutual you may encounter. This strategy is likely to lead to a lot of followers, but also a lot of ‘mutes’ (meaning your tweets won’t appear on certain followers’ accounts) and unfollows, especially if your tweets turn out to be irrelevant to the account in question.

Ensuring that you follow specific accounts can help you gain genuine followers who are interested in your business, which can lead to interactions such as retweets, replies and follows.

TweetDeck and the mute hack

TweetDeck is a third party tool that has proven to be very useful to many businesses, as it allows employees to further use the social media site to its advantage. This is done through managing multiple social media accounts in one platform and even scheduling tweets for future publishing, something which is not yet available on the main site.

The Independent has recently revealed a way in which savvy techies can find out if certain accounts have muted your tweets. Although muting an account should be a clandestine way of blocking them, TweetDeck can help you figure out if a certain account is displaying your tweets in their timeline. Whether this is accidental or not remains to be unknown.

Checking this information is not the easiest thing to do on the platform, and can only be done by checking one account at a time, but is valuable if you have the urge to check if you have been muted by one of your clients, a big influencer on the site or anyone you take a particular interest in.

Once you have opened up TweetDeck, you need to make a separate ‘Home’ column for the account you suspect has pressed the mute button on your account. If your account doesn’t appear in this section, then it’s true, you really have been muted. You can even tweet to double check!

Why does this trick work?

This nifty little technique works because a Home column is created specifically to let you see the site as a specific user, and as you are seeing what they see, you’ll be able to see that they cannot see you.

You’ll have to do this for each account you desire, so it is an effective but longwinded way to find out if you’ve been muted. This can then help you to decide what your next move will be in order to drive awareness and boost your following online.

The complex world of social media

Social media can be tricky as there are so many things to look out for and to avoid doing, especially as a business. Making a mistake online can come back to haunt you, especially on a social media site as your mistakes can be preserved forever by users taking a screenshots and continuing a cycle of awareness to these mistakes. The more high-profile the business in question, the more viral it can become, meaning adopting a social media strategy, or hiring an expert, can prove to be worthwhile.

For businesses that are too busy, or wary of taking on board a social media campaign themselves, online marketing agencies can help take that strain away from you, and ensure that your business is savvy and effective on social media, meaning fewer mistakes and mutes, and more interaction and business – although they can’t really do anything about you already being muted!

Alan Littler

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