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Google confirms AI search engine

AI head

Google confirms AI search engine

In what could be the most dramatic renovation of Google’s classic search engine in the company’s history, the internet titan has officially revealed that it will be redesigning its search function to feature an artificial intelligence (AI) interface.

As revealed at the company’s annual technology conference, the renovated search engine will not change the entire nature of using Google. On top of standard Google search results consisting of links, the AI-powered search engine will also include more conversational, detailed written answers to questions and searches. This will include users being able to ask Google for recommendations relating to topics like recipes, travelling and shopping.

The company hopes that AI will help searchers to use Google for queries that currently can’t be sufficiently answered by its search engine. At the moment, Google is perfect for getting immediate answers to questions such as ‘how tall is the Eiffel Tower?’, but less helpful when asked ‘what’s the best restaurant in Liverpool?’, for example.

According to a statement by Google Senior Vice President Probhakar Raghavan:

“People want to say, ‘plan me a seven-day vacation’, and they believe if the language model outputs, it should be right.”

As of yet, Google’s ventures into the world of AI have generated mixed results. This has mainly been due to the overwhelming success of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot developed by OpenAI and now openly funded by Microsoft, which has raised questions about the future of search engines, despite Google’s dominance in this arena.

Google did release its own chatbot, Bard, as a competitor to ChatGPT. While Google is still developing the product ahead of international release, its error-filled launch cost Alphabet, Google’s parent company, billions in stock value.

However, Google is now hoping that placing AI front and centre in its most valuable asset will turn tide of the AI war in its favour.

So far, it’s relatively unknown exactly how artificial intelligence will affect search engine optimisation (SEO) and where you rank in search results. For industry-leading SEO that can help you shoot up in front of your target audience, speak to the team at Engage Web today.

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