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Do you trust SEO? Research suggests you don’t

Do you trust SEO? Research suggests you don’t

Search engine optimisation may be something the majority of online business owners are aware of but this doesn’t mean that SEO is either liked or trusted by business owners. Recent research has shown a large number of small business owners with websites do not trust those offering them SEO services and this is concerning.

Businesses need to be using high quality search engine optimisation techniques if they are going to compete effectively within their online markets. Without SEO, it is incredibly difficult to get a top ranking in the search results and this of course has a major impact on the amount of traffic able to find and visit a site.

However, it seems people are wary of accepting professional SEO help out of fears they will be scammed, because they find SEO too confusing and technical to take on board. There is a great deal to learn and understand about search engine optimisation if you do not have previous experience and knowledge in this area. This combined with the fact that search engine algorithms and SEO techniques are continuously changing and developing makes SEO a lot to get your head around.

If you find SEO too much to understand or simply find it boring, make sure you find professionals in SEO jobs and working for respectable companies to help you to optimise your website. SEO is complicated and does require a lot of time and hard work, but unfortunately it is also important in online business today and so is not something that should be ignored.

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