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DIY SEO at The Women’s Organisation, Liverpool

DIY SEO at The Women’s Organisation, Liverpool

On Tuesday, September 13th we’ll be in Liverpool at the Women’s Organisation giving a 3 hour talk on DIY SEO. The course will cover some practical things you can do to your website to help increase your rankings, and will highlight some of the tools and websites that are invaluable for search engine optimisation.

The course will cover some ways that you, as a website owner, can increase your links, which is important for SEO, and some ways that you really shouldn’t increase your links. The differences between quality link building and low quality spam, or paid, links will be discussed so that you know exactly how you should manage your link building strategy.

In addition to links, the course will talk about important on-page factors, and dispel some of the myths surrounding SEO – the sort of myths you may have read online or heard from SEO sales people. Special attention will be paid to content, including news and blogs – which have increased in importance over recent years and have become an integral part in all successful SEO campaigns.

If you want to do your own SEO on your website, this is the course for you, and you’ll come away the knowledge to make a difference to your website’s rankings.

The course starts at 10:00am on Tuesday, and runs until 1:00pm. It is being held at 54 St James Street, Liverpool. For more information you can view details of the course at MySignPost.org, or at the Women’s Organisation Blog.

Darren Jamieson

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