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College survey suggests text speak damage is not recognised

College survey suggests text speak damage is not recognised

A new survey by a provider of international English courses has revealed that most learners do not think that text speak is detrimental to their language skills.

In the Kaplan survey, which polled over 150 foreign English students, 63 per cent said their grammar and spelling was not affected by prevalent texting. However, the survey went on to reveal that up to five per cent used text speak in their course work and exams.

The survey also showed that a significant number of respondents (14 per cent) admitted to using text speak in daily speech.

There is no doubt that texting and text speak has revolutionised modern day communications. Indeed, even those sticklers for tradition will likely have resorted to using the odd LOL, BRB or BTW.

However, that its use now seems to be transcending media could be concerning.

In some news feeds, for example, it has been appearing and in most instances it is not a problem; incorrectly used, it certainly is.

For example, the use of ‘no’ instead of ‘know’ or ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ is a depressingly common sight in poorly written feeds.

The junior ops manager at Kaplan, Anna Robinson, agrees. She said:

“…we would never recommend using text speak in formal written work.”

Most of the time, such howlers will be laughed at and gently derided. However, in some cases, users will simply deactivate that news feed, never to return.

It is for this reason that firms in the UK interested in having tailored feeds on their website ensure the grammar and spelling used is accurate, with outsourcing to professional news content providers able to provide this.

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