Should I bother with the ‘keywords’ meta tag in my SEO?

Should I bother with the ‘keywords’ meta tag in my SEO?

The Keywords meta tag is something that most SEO companies will add to your website in the process of their SEO work. You’ll also find that when they analyse your site they’ll point to the fact that you don’t have one, if the tag is absent from your code.

Yet many websites don’t have a Keywords tag, and still rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages), so is the Keywords tag actually required?

The short answer is no. Google pays no attention to the tag, and hasn’t done for many years. Some lesser search engines may still use it for their algorithms, but they’re the sort of search engines that will bring you less than five visits per year, if that, so they shouldn’t be given a moment of your time.

Google is your priority, and Google couldn’t care less about the tag. However, while Google cares nothing for it, and it has no impact on your Google rankings, it’s still worth adding to your site for that odd visit per year from Lycos might turn into a sale, you never know?

But, and this is a big but, don’t spend any significant time on adding the tag to your website as it’s not worth the effort. No more than ten minutes or so should do it, especially if you pay for a development company to make your changes.

Finally, if any SEO company claims that by adding the keywords tag you’ll see your Google rankings increase, they’re telling you porkie pies.

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