Research reveals majority of CMS websites use WordPress

Research reveals majority of CMS websites use WordPress

New research has revealed that of those websites that use a content management system (CMS), WordPress still comfortably holds the top spot, with a total of 64.2% of websites that use a CMS using WordPress.

As reported by Search Engine Journal, this research was conducted by W3Techs.com. Titled “Usage statistics of content management systems”, it looked at the top 10 CMS in use on websites during June of this year. Much like the domination of Google within the search engine space, WordPress’ market share is vast and it’s unlikely to be dethroned any time soon, as the second place spot, held by Shopify, is attributed to only 6.3% of websites that use a CMS.

Taking the third-place spot is Wix, at 3.4%, with Squarespace following closely behind at 3%, and Joomla sitting at fifth with a measly 2.5%. All other CMS in the top 10 – Drupal, Adobe Systems, Google Systems, Bitrix and Webflow – are attributed to less than 2% of CMS-based websites.

The data also found that 33.1% of sites either use a CMS that isn’t monitored by W3Techs.com or they don’t use a CMS at all. This means that WordPress is used by nearly half of all websites on the web, whether they use a CMS or not, boasting a total market share of 43% – a testament not only to its popularity, but also its usability and effectiveness in building sites.

Here at Engage Web, we build all of our clients’ websites using WordPress, including our own, though we can work with other CMS-based sites for services like search engine optimisation (SEO) if needed. If you’re in need of a new site for your business, do get in touch with our team today, as we’d be happy to have a chat about how we can help.

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