Instagram finally rolls out desktop posting

Instagram finally rolls out desktop posting

Instagram users can now upload photos and videos using their desktop devices.

Social Media Today reports that the Facebook-owned social media giant has been testing out this new feature for a while, with public testing for a select number of users being launched back in June. As of last Thursday, however, businesses, social media managers and avid ‘Instagrammers’ across the world can all now post from their computers.

There are some restrictions to this update – videos must be less than a minute long, and no Reels or Stories can be posted via desktop devices at present.

Previously, those on desktop devices using the Instagram site could only play the role of spectator, rather than poster, simply viewing, liking and commenting on images, along with following other users. There were already some ways to get around not being able to directly post, however – using Publishing Tools on the Facebook site being one way of doing so, although this did mean sacrificing the famous Instagram filters and editing options, with only Facebook’s basic image editing tools available. There was a craftier way to post, directly from the Instagram site. This involved switching to mobile view, which allowed users to access mobile functions.

By officially rolling out the desktop posting of videos and photos, however, the process of uploading to the site is made much easier for businesses and brands that post on several different social media sites, and particularly for those that publish posts designed using other tools, like Photoshop or Canva, which get saved to their desktop devices. It also means that no Facebook account or fiddling around with viewing options is required, making it easier for those who aren’t as techy as well.

Posting via a desktop device is easy, you simply click the ‘+’ in a box in the top right-hand corner. To make it easier still, when you first log in to the site, a notice will pop up pointing you in the right direction:

From there, you can either drag and drop an image in to the pop-up box that appears or manually upload an image. Then, you can access the same tools as on the mobile app and post away.

Using social media sites like Instagram is a great way to boost your brand awareness and build up an online community for your business. To learn more, give our team at Engage Web a call, and you can follow our Instagram account here.

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