In-flight electronic device restrictions to be loosened

In-flight electronic device restrictions to be loosened

Research conducted by US airlines has found that the use of electronic devices whilst flying does not affect a plane’s on-board systems.

This could mean that the phrase “Please turn off all electronic devices, we will be taking-off shortly” and long, boring flights with nothing to keep you entertained may soon become a thing of the past.

The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK has already given permission for BA to implement these changes, and hopes that other airlines may be able to make the changes in the near future. These adjustments would see public attitudes towards ‘boring flights’ change even more than they already have done in recent years.

Some airlines already offer in-flight Wi-Fi, but now that tests have proven that electronic gadgets do not affect equipment, passengers would be free to surf the internet, browse newsfeeds and social media on their e-readers, tablets, phones and other handheld electrical devices.

It has been specified that devices can be in ‘aeroplane mode’ during take-off and landing, rather than turned off completely. For devices that do not have the option of aeroplane mode, such as laptops, the restrictions will still apply and these may only be used whilst the plane is cruising.

Media relations manager Madhu Unnikrishnan, of Virgin America, has said:

“The fact that people are using personal electronics more and have more freedom to use them has also played into a rethink on in-flight entertainment.”

These alterations will eliminate passengers’ feelings of being cut off from the rest of the world during their flights.

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Alan Littler
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