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What could Skype’s group video calling mean to businesses?

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What could Skype’s group video calling mean to businesses?

Communication application Skype’s recent announcement that it will be adding group video calling to its mobile app will no doubt have pricked the ears of many forward-thinking companies, but what possibilities does it open up in the world of business?

What are Skype’s plans?

This year, Skype is celebrating 10 years since it introduced video calling to its services, despite being formed three years earlier. As part of its celebrations, it has revealed to the world that it intends to add group video calling to its app for mobile devices.

The facility is set to be available to a range of mobile platforms, including those used by Android mobile phones, Windows phones and iPhones, as well as tablet devices, in the next few weeks. It remains unclear whether the enterprise intends to add Android tablets to its list, as it only specifically mentioned iPads in its blog announcement. Furthermore, an official launch date for this integration has yet to be announced.

This new feature will mean that users can take video calls on the move. Not only this, but it is also believed that the software will enable a video call between 25 different people, making it easier to conference on the go.

Will this be a revelation to the world of business?

This news may be of particular interest to businesspeople who are constantly on the move. At times, business professionals can go through spells where they just don’t get a minute to themselves and spend every waking minute on the job travelling to meetings.

This feature is likely to make it much simpler for a businessperson to have a video conference while on the move, to multiple colleagues, associates and clients, without the need to drag around a laptop that needs to be connected to Wi-Fi.

Having an app installed on your mobile phone that makes it easier to connect with the people you need to speak to, bypassing the need to travel and speak to them face-to-face, could save businesspeople considerable time. This can be spent completing more productive tasks that will help the business and its stakeholders get better results.

If Skype’s new addition to its mobile app can help businesspeople to achieve this, then it could become a valuable tool in the company’s arsenal, whether you need to discuss your business’ social media strategy or touch base with a colleague whilst you are away from the office.

Are you ready for the world of mobile?

With announcements such as this proving that the world of mobile really is the future, it’s important for businesses to make themselves accessible to prospective clients on mobile devices. Ensuring that your company’s website is mobile responsive could be the difference between someone choosing to use your services or those of a competitor. This is just one of the many services we can help you with here at Engage Web.

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