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Three sensible ways to use AI for creating content

Three sensible ways to use AI for creating content

With seemingly ever-growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and its many uses, it can be very tempting to feel like you should be using it for as much as you possibly can.

That, of course, includes your website’s content.

However, there are some valid reasons why using AI to produce your content entirely may not be the best idea. Not only can doing this be risky from an SEO (search engine optimisation) perspective, as we don’t truly know exactly how original any piece of AI content is, text generated by AI tools such as ChatGPT can often be easily identified compared to original, human-written text. Furthermore, the information provided in AI-generated text is occasionally misleading.

However, if you do want to make sure your work has that human touch, there are still ways in which AI can help you out. These include:

Content ideas

If you’re an expert in your field, it’s highly unlikely that AI can produce more accurate, helpful information than you.

If you’re struggling to work out what to write about, however, it may be able to help. By giving you useful prompts to get you going, you can apply your expert knowledge to the prompts generated by AI to produce content that your audience (and Google) will love.

Rewording sentences

You could have all the knowledge and insight in the world, but you may still find it hard to get your point across exactly how you want. If you’re trying to apply your knowledge in your writing, but can’t quite find the exact words you need, you may use AI to give you an alternative way of making your point. It may not give you the exact sentence you’re looking for, but it might just give you the fresh perspective you need to make your point in your own way.


Artificial intelligence may help you modify your content when tailoring to specific audiences.

AI can analyse vast amounts of data and information to identify content preferences among certain audiences. While the results of doing this are not exactly guaranteed, finding a way to personalise your content to your ideal audience is a great way to garner the greatest results.

While we respect the functions of AI and it’s potential for the future, here at Engage Web, we truly believe in the benefits of human-produced content when it comes to garnering the best results. That’s why our team of writers and editors pore over every last word when it comes to our clients’ content. Speak to our team today to learn how we can benefit your business.

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