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Goldilocks and the three mobile designs

Goldilocks and the three mobile designs

The words ‘once upon a time’ are guaranteed to trigger memories of childhood, but it’s amazing how applicable those nursery-room lessons can be. Take Goldilocks, for example. The tale of the bratty little housebreaker and vandal contains within it an essential life lesson. Apart from the fact that you should probably stay away from houses occupied by bears, she teaches us that testing is essential for satisfaction.

I was thinking of this story the other day when pondering design for mobile SEO. A lot of site owners go too far one way or the other, missing out on ‘just right.’

*Too hot – Some businesses start from scratch for mobile sites, and this can be a good move. However, a complete site redesign can lose you customers. Losing your branding can put users off, affecting your SEO.

*Too cold – Doing nothing is just as harmful. Mobile internet has unique needs, so you can’t afford to just ignore it completely.

*Just right – Most businesses will find success by looking at their existing site via mobile, and altering where necessary. While testing is important for mobile search engine optimisation, you’ll get good value out of this most basic test. Nothing beats simply going and using the technology yourself as a starting point for any kind of search engine optimisation testing process.

Mobile SEO should be on your list of SEO jobs. Ignore the issue, and you could well find your competitors have run off with your bowl of the mobile internet porridge.

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