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Facebook collaborating on secret smartwatch tests


Facebook collaborating on secret smartwatch tests

It has recently been reported that a number of companies have been covertly working on the Apple Watch programme to develop compatible apps.

Of the firms participating in the scheme, Bloomberg identified social media giant Facebook, as well as automobile manufacturer BMW and airline holding company United Continental Holdings.

Apple has reportedly been working on the launch of its smartwatch for some time, but it recently came to light that the companies have been visiting its Cupertino headquarters in California to work on the development of apps. Along with testing the mobile device, it is believed that the software that has been fine-tuned will be debuted alongside the watch in April.

Such practices may make sense for the brand, as it would mean that compatible services are immediately available for the product upon release, while having tested and validated features would help to cement its reputation as a reliable tool. This would especially be the case with Facebook, as many may be tempted to use the smartwatch to access familiar apps.

However, it is not yet known what the social platform’s app for the wearable device will feature, or whether Facebook’s traditional news feed will have to be adapted for a much smaller screen. This is due to the development having taken place in secrecy, with a number of security protocols having been enacted.

To maintain privacy, the internet was blocked from the development space, as well as phones, while the Apple Watch’s source code was not allowed to leave the building. In fact, even pens and paper were banned from being brought in.

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