Popularity shift for Snapchat features

Posted on July 25, 2014


Photo-sharing app Snapchat has reported that its ‘stories’ feature has become the service’s most widely used offering.

The company – whose internet marketing strategy is to create a service that allows for brief, ‘in the moment’ messaging – now states that its most popular feature is its least momentary.

The service was initially set up in 2011, but didn’t really take off until the end of 2012. The app was designed so that users could send photo and video messages to each other, with the messages being permanently erased after 10 seconds.

Introduced towards the end of 2013, its stories feature lets users upload images and videos to a personal storyboard, ‘My Story’, which is visible to all contacts for 24 hours. It enhanced this feature this year with a storyboard for live events, in which attendees can add to the company’s storyboard, ‘Our Story’, for users worldwide to see. It experimented with this for the football World Cup final in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month.

The service has revealed to online news providers that up to 700 million photo messages or snaps were sent on a daily basis, and that this has been surpassed by the stories function, which has around one billion views per day.

The service has become extremely popular – something which has not gone unnoticed by some of the globe’s largest online companies. Social networking site Facebook was reported to have offered $3 billion to purchase the company in 2013, with Google offering $4 billion; both were declined by company co-founder Evan Spiegel.

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