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Online press releases & PR

Are you raising your profile online?

Press release writing, PR and distribution may be thought of as an offline activity, but just like search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click online marketing campaigns, you should still consider the value that online PR and press releases can bring.

Unlike offline press activity, online PR and the links built will last for years. Online press releases are a highly effective method of promotion for your business and your website. Better yet, an online press release is able to achieve a multitude of SEO benefit for a business’ website, making this simple marketing tool an absolute must-have for any online plan.

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At Engage Web, we have a team of professional online press release writers with the experience and the know-how to create and manage all your online PR.

Benefits of online press releases and online PR

What can online press releases and online PR achieve?

Many business owners instruct a traditional PR firm to help raise their profile in the world of offline press and other media, with the goal of creating more visibility, increase brand awareness and loyalty and to ultimately increase revenue. It is vital that your online activity works in conjunction with your offline marketing to maximise your efforts – supporting offline activity online reinforces user loyalty and trust, and online awareness can last for years.

Online PR & online press releases as part of SEO

At Engage Web, we understand how important a press release can be to the image of any business. Our team will work with you to agree the strategy, frequency and the theme of your online PR. It is important that your online press releases are news-based rather than simply generic articles. We will work with you to determine the key factor in each press release. Each should reveal something interesting or unique about your business to maximise the impact of your online press release and increase your online PR. This takes expert press release writing skills, which you can tap into with our online press release writing service here at Engage Web.

In addition, we can incorporate a few search engine optimisation strategies into your online PR too, making it work much harder for your business. With this in mind, the impact of your online PR can be even greater.

Online press releases & online PR – the distribution

There are many advantages to publication on specialist press release websites, as many of these are part of Google’s ‘Google News’ resources. As a result, your press release can feature in Google’s news results and as part of its Universal Search, and can be distributed to thousands of news portals.

We will distribute your online press release to more than 60 selected press release portals. Thanks to RSS technology, your online PR will be distributed to subscribers and blogs who are interested in news relevant to the theme of your press release.

The Engage Web online press release and PR approach

At Engage Web, we believe that quality writing and content is behind real Internet success. We have a team of professional copywriters and experienced journalists waiting to help you with your online writing needs. Our experience in SEO and Internet marketing means that our press release writing service covers all the right bases.

Are you creating positive brand awareness online in all the right places?

Contact us today and see how our online press release and PR creation and distribution services can help increase your visibility.


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