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Study reveals top-performing post types on LinkedIn


Study reveals top-performing post types on LinkedIn

A new study has found which post types on the business networking platform LinkedIn are most effective and generate the best response.

The study was a collaboration between Socialinsider and Cloud Campaign, with the aim of gleaning some insight into what those posting on LinkedIn should focus on when it comes to post types. It saw over 141,000 posts from more than 1,000 different companies analysed.

One key finding of the study likely won’t come as a surprise, and that’s the power of video. Social networks across the board seem to be favouring video these days, and on LinkedIn, it was discovered that for small to medium-sized businesses, video posts receive the highest engagement-per-impression rate. It also found that the average video view rate currently comes in at 15.61%; in other words, if a video post on LinkedIn reached around 100 people, 15-16 of those people would actually take the time to watch it.

While on first glance, this may not seem like a particularly high figure, those businesses that want to grow their followings on LinkedIn would do well to consider posting videos – especially when the study also found that the average page reach rate on LinkedIn is a meagre 3.49%. In other words, businesses need all the help they can get to get their posts seen.

While video is proven to bring success on the platform, the study also uncovered another post type that does well, perhaps surprisingly so. Indeed, the study’s findings revealed that native documents – meaning a post that contains a PDF file that has been directly uploaded to the platform – generate three times more clicks from viewers than any other format of post on the platform.

PDFs? This may sound surprising, and perhaps a difficult one to come up with ideas of your own, but the possibilities are quite endless. Case studies, free guides, eBook excerpts and infographics are just some ideas businesses could use as potential PDF posts.

It’s clear that the days of only producing simple text-and-image posts are over for those who want to do well on LinkedIn and indeed other social networks. The study’s findings reflect what we at Engage Web tell our clients – the key to online success is producing a variety of different content types, whether that’s on social media or on your website itself. If you’d like to learn more, speak to one of our team members today.

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